Welcome to the New Era of Viral Therapy

Calling all vaccine developers, cell therapy experts, virologists and immunologists… are you working to develop long-term, curative treatment for infectious disease?

If yes, you are in the right place. The Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit is the first and only meeting dedicated to driving a potent T-cell mediated attack against infectious disease epitopes, to develop long lasting immunity against SARS-CoV-2, HIV and EBV.


Join pioneering experts from pharma, biotech and academia to:


Gain insight into the strategic decision making of Gilead, Merck and AgenTus. Ask your questions to uncover why they have targeted specific indications, why T-cell immunity has become a priority and their future plans for portfolio growth.


Strike a safe balance with the immune system, managing the tipping point between an overactive immune system Vs. a strong immune response.


Compare bioinformatics tools to classify immunogenic targets with TScan Therapeutics and QIMR Berghofer and understand how molecular signatures of T cell drug products can impact clinical response.


Uncover the two faces of EBV, lytic and latent, and assess current CAR-T and checkpoint inhibitor therapies to overcome EBV’s immune escape with Hannover Medical School and Children’s National Medical Center.

Companies and academic groups including Immunocore, Celularity, University of Pennsylvania, Vaccibody, Gritstone Oncology and UCLA are already confirmed to attend. Here’s a breakdown of who you can expect to meet:

Attendace Break down cell-mediated therapies