Welcome to the Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit

In the fight against emerging coronavirus variants, the need for long-lasting immunity is greater than ever… which is why the field is looking beyond antibodies and turning to T cells.  

The Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit is the first industry-dedicated meeting to understand and stimulate the immune cell response to develop long term immune memory to infectious disease pathogens.

Join over 80 industry and academic leaders pioneering this new paradigm of research, and for the first time discuss novel advances in t-cell epitope-directed vaccines, as well as CAR-T, TCR and NK cell therapies designed to provoke durable immunity.

With strategic insight and clinical advances shared from Gilead, Merck, Vaccibody, TScan Therapeutics and more, join the discussion to assess:

  • Bioinformatic tools to identify immunogenic targets
  • Vaccine design and delivery to trigger strong T cell responses
  • Bridge the gap from translatable preclinical models to IND approval

Leave this meeting with a greater understanding of next-generation approaches to target, prevent and cure HIV, EBV and SARS-CoV-2 infection.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Xiaokui Zhang

Chief Scientific Officer


Wade Blair

Executive Director, Biology

Gilead Sciences

Bonnie Howell

Executive Director, Infectious Disease & Vaccines


Gavin MacBeath

Chief Scientific Officer

TScan Therapeutics

Agnete Fredriksen

President & Chief Scientific Officer


Lenny Moise

Director, Vaccine Research

EpiVax, Inc.

Lu Yao

Senior Scientist

Poseida Therapeutics

Lucy Dorrell

Head of Disease Biology, Infectious Diseases


Corey Casper

Chief Executive Officer

Infectious Disease Research Institute

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